JOTA at Boree Regatta 2021

The last couple of years has certainly been challenging in so many ways for everyone and Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) at the Endeavour Boree Regatta is no exception.

Due to the Boree Regatta not proceeding in the usual format, the tradition of Jamboree On The Air, started in 1957 by scout leader and amateur radio operator Les R Mitchell G3BHK, will be on hold again this year.

Alternatively, guides and scouts can participate in a range of radio and communication related activities as part of the Boree Challenge 2021, during the month of October 2021.

The activities can be undertaken by an individual youth member or in a group with the assistance of an on line audio / visual conference facility, such as Zoom.

Youth members can delve into sending messages using semaphore flags and Morse code, air craft spotting with a difference, play battle ships with a twist, chat over a piece of string, search for distant radio stations, and much more.

Youth members can challenge others in their group to achieve the best score.

Over 10 different activities are described in the JOTA 2021 Activities booklet, with varying degree of difficulty, something for everyone.

Safety First - youth members should be supervised by a responsible adult. As some activities include construction, some tools and personal protective equipment (PPE) maybe required.

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