The safety of children in our society is important to everyone. Both guide and scout organisations have compulsory child protection policies and procedures. Most Australian state and territory government has introduced child protection legislation and implemented Working With Children Checks (WWCC).

Anyone working with children, in both a paid or voluntary capacity, are required to obtain a working with children check, which is then verified by the employer.

This includes amateur radio operators participating in Jamboree On The Air, with guide or scout youth members. The following information is based on the WWCC procedure in New South Wales, which should be similar to other states and territories.

The WWCC process is in two parts and can take up to three months to complete. Amateur radio operators participating in JOTA should apply for a WWCC as soon as possible. The WWCC for a volunteer is FREE and is valid for a period of 5 years.

WWCC application can be made by completing the on line application form, and then follow the check process. Amateur radio operators must then provide their WWCC details to leaders and the WWCC co-ordinator, in either the guide or scout organisation in your state or territory, for verification. Due to the high work load during October, this should be done at least a month before the JOTA weeknd.


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