Echolink as a means of providing guides and scouts with an efficient and positive JOTA experience virtually on demand. Instead of struggling with establishing a long distance HF contact, especially when conditions are difficult or poor, Echo Link provides a clear contact over any distance to more than 150 countries world wide.

Many radio clubs provide an Echo Link (or IRLP) gateway associated with their local VHF or UHF repeater. Ask if you can use the club's repeater over the JOTA weekend, and request the echo link system operator (sysop) to include "JOTA" and your call sign to the echo link station description.

Alternatively amateur operators can setup their own Echo Link gateway to either operate on a simplex or repeater frequency, using the sysop link or repeater node. Operators must apply to have their callsign validated by the echo link organisation, to receive your node number. You can then apply for a link or repeater gateway node number.

An echo link gateway is easy to setup and allows guides and scouts to use a conventional VHF or UHF transceiver to make contact with other JOTA stations virtually anywhere. All you need is a basic VHF or UHF FM transceiver, a basic computer running Windows XP or later, a simple interface to connect between the computer and transceiver, and a basic internet connection (with port forwarding).

Refer to "Echo Link", in the Useful Links menu, for more information about how to get started with Echo Link. Alternatively you can also us the Contact Us link.



Category: Amateur Radio Operators
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